What is Smart Technology?

Broadly, Smart Technology is any technology that can respond and adapt to uncertain external conditions. Given complex and dynamic conditions, it has become critical for technology to adapt, self-diagnose and evolve.

With its capacity to learn, predict, adapt and evolve, Cross Compass is working on suite of Smart Technologies together with Cross Labs to help enterprises manage uncertainty, improve forecasting, boost productivity and transform decision-making organization wide.


3D Reconstruction

Self-driving technology, robotics, and augmented reality rely on precise detection of their 3D environments.

Create and code new game. Hud display and man typing keyboard. Futuristic concept of cyber video gaming, digital esport and computer play progamming on screen.

Game AI

Build hyper-personal, immersive gaming experiences with autonomous, self-learning AI agents that perfectly adapt to your user’s gaming experience.

Gait recognition , motion capture 3d render of character walking

3D Human Pose Estimation

Reconstruct human posture and poses quickly and accurately in 3D from a single RGB image.


Mind Reader

EEG technology provides crucial insight into anticipating human behavior. Enabling safer work processes, environments, and seamless coordination between humans and computers.

Business man pointing arrows to control and communicate with natural language processing and global communication and world map.

Natural Language Processing

Offer clients seamless digital interactions across chatbots, digital assistants and voice activated systems with content rich Natural Language Processing technology.

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