Cross Compass AI solutions provide artificial intelligence solutions to support the challenges facing the manufacturing industry, such as the global decline in the working population and the lack of successors to pass on the skills and techniques of skilled workers in the manufacturing industry.

Process Optimization

Contributes to productivity and quality improvement by calculating optimal setting values from numerous parameters.

Visual inspection

Automates judgment of flexibility and ambiguous situations based on human-like senses.

Anomaly detection

Anomalies are detected in real time, automating the inspection process and leading to possible increases in efficiency

Predictive maintenance

Predicts friction and failure of parts and consumables to ensure a stable operation of plant equipment.


Recognizes and picks workpieces without being affected by ambient illumination.

Case Studies of AI Solutions for Manufacturing Sites

YASKAWA Electric Corporation

AI Cube Inc.

AI calculates the grasping position of the object based on the 2D camera image to realize highly accurate picking with a single hand. In addition, we are collaborating to develop AI applications in various fields by utilizing real data from the field.


Realize the development of “Automated Driving System” ! AI controls centrifuge operation autonomously based on values from various sensors. It optimizes operating parameters as if a skilled operator were working on the side of the machine 24 hours a day, and is expected to solve issues such as manpower shortage, technology transfer, and energy conservation.